Salix Homes Customer Charter consultation

Voice - We will ask for and value your views to help guide the decisions we make. We make sure that you feel listened to on the issues that matter to you and that you can speak freely.

  • By having a strong customer engagement framework that is accessible to all our customers.
  • By listening to you carefully and involving you in key decisions
  • By listening to and learning from your feedback if things go wrong.
  • By recognising your experiences and knowledge and using this to continually improve our services.
  • By being transparent and honest with you about the challenges we face as an organisation and what we do to overcome them.
  •  By understanding what's important to you, through information, surveys, opinions and trends.

Respect - We will treat all of our customers with respect. Our relationship with you will be based on trust, honesty, and transparency.

  • By having a culture of respect, openness, honesty, and transparency.
  • By storing and using your information ethically and securely to make sure we offer you services that are the best value for money.
  •  By holding our colleagues to account for delivering these promises to you.
  • By valuing our colleagues who uphold our promises through our reward and recognition programme.
  • By recruiting and training colleagues with these promises in mind.

Communication - We will give you clear and accessible information, on time, on the issues that matter to you. This includes important information about your home, your local community, how we are working to sort out problems, how we are run and performing.

  • By letting you know when we make changes to our services.
  • By communicating clearly and transparently and without using jargon.
  • By communicating with you in your preferred way.
  • By informing you how we spend your rent and get the best value for money for delivering our services.
  • By sharing our performance with you and those who holds us to account on these standards.

Safety - We will put the quality and safety of your home at the heart of how we build, improve, maintain, and manage your home and neighbourhood. 

  • By having an open and simple process in place for you to easily report concerns about building safety.
  • By making safety a key factor that we look for in the companies we work with without affecting quality or value for money.
  • By meeting regulations about how often we service and check the gas and electricity in your home and how we manage the risk of legionnaires and asbestos.
  • By being leaders in the sector for fire safety and putting the Building Safety Bill into practice.
  • By involving you so you understand your responsibilities to keep your home safe for your household and neighbours.

Our Services - We will provide housing services to you that are efficient, consistent, and easy to access, however you choose to contact us. 

  • By taking responsibility of your enquiries.
  • By supporting you to access your MySalix online account.
  • By making it simple to access and use your MySalix online account so you can manage your tenancy and report repairs easily and at a time that suits you.
  • By aiming to deal with your enquiries at first contact, taking the right course of action in the right way.
  • By, if we are unable to deal with your enquiry at first contact, getting back to you within one day (not including weekends and on bank holidays) and keeping you regularly informed of our progress.
  • By having strong agreements in place with our partners so we can work together to provide you with a good quality service.
  • By getting the best value for money for your rent and  best possible social value outcomes of our investments to benefit Salix Homes’ communities.

Resolution - We will make sure you have a simple and accessible way of raising issues, making complaints, and putting things right. We will give you advice and support if things go wrong. 

  • By having an effective complaints policy and procedure in place in case things go wrong.
  • By investigating complaints within 10 working days.
  • By apologising and putting things right if things go wrong.
  • By having a compensation policy in place.
  • By using the information that you share in our complaints and feedback processes to improve how we provide services to you. 

Accountability - We will work in partnership with you so you can independently monitor us and hold us to account for the decisions that affect the quality of your homes and services. 

  • By working in partnership with our customer committee who hold us to account on the consumer standards.
  • By supporting regular customer-led scrutiny projects commissioned by our customer committee and produced by our scrutiny pool.
  • By reporting changes that we have made based on customers' vire to our Customer Committee so they can hold us to account on them.
  • By effectively training and supporting our involved customers.
  • By publishing an annual customer voice report, written by our customer committee showing how the customers' views shaped how we deliver our services.
  • By using this charter to show you how we perform against it and who holds us to account and how.

What we ask from you:

  • That you are considerate and respectful to our staff, your neighbours and people in our communities.
  • That you regularly update your contact information with us so we can deliver the best service to you.
  • That when you can, you access our services using the MySalix portal so we can provide the best value service and most convenient service for your rent.
  • That when you spot a building safety concern, you report it to us quickly so we can resolve it and continue to keep your home safe.
  • That you tell us if you’re struggling with your rent or any other issues so we can support you.
  • That you let us know if things go wrong, so we can work with you to put them right.
  • That you keep to the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement.